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Culinaria Dinner @ Disjecta | Culinaria: Fernanda D’Agostino and Carlo LaMagna (Magna)

Vicarious Events is working with Disjecta Contemporary Art Center on Culinaria (Art + Food + Communty), which pairs artists and chefs to create unique community events, providing opportunities for collaboration, creative risk-taking, and the exchange of new ideas between two very different creative realms. Fernanda D’Agostino’s Decameron (Borderline) takes its inspiration from Boccaccio’s medieval novella, in which a group of ten young people leave the terrors of plague-ravaged Florence for an escape to the countryside. Each night, every member of the party told a story centered around a chosen theme. The video installation sets a dark, but dreamlike stage for a dinner where guests will be led in an evening of feasting, storytelling, and questioning. Inspired by her grandmother’s weekly lunches open to all, D’Agostino hopes to create an environment for radical sharing around food and the pleasures of the table. Chef Carlo LaMagna, of Clyde Common and the soon to open Magna, will prepare a meal for diners inside the installation to share as they share stories. LaMagna is known for his Filipino fusion meals. His inspiration comes from his professional culinary experiences, but more so from his father and mother who raised him to be in touch with their culture and to learn to farm, cook, and eat holistically.