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Culinaria Dinner @ Camp Colton | Jodie Cavalier, MK Guth, and Jason French (Ned Ludd)

Vicarious Events is working with Disjecta Contemporary Art Center on Culinaria (Art + Food + Communty), which pairs artists and chefs to create unique community events, providing opportunities for collaboration, creative risk-taking, and the exchange of new ideas between two very different creative realms. Using the natural surroundings at Camp Colton as a stage for dinners, Jodie Cavalier and MK Guth will connect food with nature and community. Combining the dinners with hikes and plant identification demonstrations, the artists will bring together guests in conversation around how nature and well being can affect a worldview. Guth and Cavalier are spending time in the area studying plant life and history. They will use this research to construct menus and art objects. Jason French, head chef and owner at Ned Ludd, will prepare a meal at Camp Colton related to the artists’ concepts and the environment of the land surrounding the camp. French and his team believe that great food requires passion for the harmony of provenance, preparation, and presentation.