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Culinaria Dinner @ Disjecta | Julie Green and Johanna Ware (Smallwares)

Vicarious Events is working with Disjecta Contemporary Art Center on Culinaria (Art + Food + Communty), which pairs artists and chefs to create unique community events, providing opportunities for collaboration, creative risk-taking, and the exchange of new ideas between two very different creative realms. Artist Julie Green’s handmade Wallpaper will be installed inside Disjecta, to create an intimate dining room. Wallpaper features repeating shells, a pattern inspired by Zen calligraphy and the Pattern and Decoration movement, as a meditation of the health of our oceans and unsustainable consumption. The translucent handmade paper produces a stained glass effect when lit from within. Johanna Ware of Smallwares will create a dinner held within the room on October 6th. Ware is known for her eclectic and refined “inauthentic Asian” meals that span many influences.